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“Seating Renovation: Title III” by Patricia M. Hammock, M.Ed.

Two things get me up in the morning; the opportunity to do a better job today than I did  the day before and being able to help people.  Every day presents an opportunity to be of service to my institution and its students. When I am lucky, some days even involve watching a plan materialize and being blessed to see the immediate benefit to others.  The renovation of the seating in the Harold D. West Basic Sciences Building’s freshman and sophomore lecture halls, 1106 and 1206 presented just that opportunity.

As early as 2012, students indicated the seating in lecture halls 1106 and 1206 was in dire need of repair. Through the institution’s Historically Black Graduate Institutions, Part B (commonly referred to as Title III) grant, Dr. A. Dexter Samuels, SRVP Student & Faculty Affairs and Executive Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy commissioned the seating renovation work in October 2014.  The interior design firm, Nashville Office Interiors, was engaged to complete the renovation as this firm equipped the new Cal Turner Family Center for Student Education. The Title III grant is a U S Department of Education grant designed to enhance and support the learning environment for students at institutions producing African American health sciences professionals.

With an investment of more than a quarter million dollars, all seating in 1106 and 1206 was demolished, the risers were painted a complementary color, and new seating installed the week of December 8-12, 2014.

Dr. Marquetta Faulkner, Dean, SOM and SRVP, Health Affairs thanked Dr. Samuels and the Title III office for the investment in the futures of our primary stakeholders.  We thank the offices of Facilities and Securities, General Counsel, Grants and Contracts, Purchasing, Professional Medical Education, Accounts Payable, and the SOM Student Academic Affairs for working cooperatively with the Title III office to complete this important work for the benefit of our students.

“Medicine and Technology,” Andranik Agazaryan, MSIII

In the present era of evolving innovation in technology, we as future physicians must have an awareness of the pioneering medical devices, procedures, and technology available for potential use in our respective fields. As Moore’s Law foreshadowed the rapid progression of technology [1], its application in medicine is reaching the point where it will establish the current standards of care.

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“Listening,” Estevana Issac, MSII

We are two voices.
Two entities in one.
Me and you – a hybrid
Of downs and lows,
Of ups that never got too high,
Of cognitive and emotional.

And we only speak the words of silence
Because we are the dream of reality.
We are the silent scream
Everyone hears, but never truly heard.

My sister’s predisposition

I was made for you,
But I’m what’s wrong with you.

We are two in one – a hybrid
“Schizophrenia and Bipolar”
They like to call it
“Schizoaffective Disorder”

But – I mean, let’s be honest here.
Mental disorders don’t really exist.
Only White people pop pills because they are having a bad day.
Let’s admit it, being Black every day is a struggle.
So move on, suck it up.

Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety –
Are you serious?
No need to visit a doctor or therapist,
It’s called life, Sweety, get over it.

Or so they say,
But that belief has never gotten me far.
Years after my talks with God,
Denial can only last so long.

Because she still speaks a distant language
I can no longer comprehend.

The voices are putting a curse on her,
Reading her mind and now everyone knows her thoughts –

Especially the Hispanics.

The Spanish neighbors saw the photos taken by the construction workers
Never leave the window open
They can see you.

Leviticus Ch. 24 v 16 says,
“And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall surely be put to death,
All the congregation shall certainly stone him”

She is a heathen now,
Cursing God in her mind
So she will starve herself for 40 days and 40 nights.

So go ahead…
Give her another diagnosis.
But I want you to know
She is my prescription.

And you’ve never seen psychotic
Until you’ve seen me
Listen to another white man in another white coat
Identify her based on the silence of her tears.

His books, His doctorate, His degree
Screams louder than the voice
That always dreamt to sing
Just like Alicia Keys.
His words muffle your dreams
Choke you with medication –

Crippled by a label from a stranger,
Who thinks he knows everything.
You don’t know the entities that exist together.

Because together divided,
I lost and found.

I found what I lost,
Although not exactly what I was looking for.

So yes, there is a heavy heart that weighs down my mind.
But I will still be by its side, helping to carry it.

So the next time you say she is different.
When you deem her an outcast
And look strange upon her
And she doesn’t understand the noises.

I beg of you to stop talking long enough to listen.

You see after talking all of these years
All of these days, hours, minutes and seconds to you.
I took one second out to listen to the voices.

It cried for silence

Just listen.
Do you hear it?

It’s a song so foreign to your ears.
I’m talking at its pace,
Dancing to its beat.
It’s a language even God can speak.
And only the open-mind can hear.

It’s Singing.